Together forever, a commitment that says I choose you today and till the end of my days.
Letters to bub

‘I choose you’

Dear bub,

I choose you; out of all the people in the world, I choose you. I choose to give away all my love to you, to trust you with my heart and be your companion in every aspect of life till the end of my days.

I choose to love you today and I promise to do the same every single day. No exceptions, No conditions and no expectations.

I know that it is not going to be as easy as it sounds, but I am committed to making this choice every single day of my life.

On the days you make me feel special, I am going to choose you; and on the days we drive each other crazy, I am going to choose to love you even more.

I will keep choosing to love you on the days we make passionate love and on days our bodies are too weak for that. On days you pull me closer into your depths, I will succumb; and when you try to push me out with rage I will hold on to you until you melt.

I have chosen you along with all the chaos in your life and all the complications that this relationship can possibly bring to us; but most of all I choose to love you for you. The ‘you’ that you were before you met me, the ‘you’ that you are today and the ‘you’ that you are going to be with time, I choose to love each of these versions of ‘you’.

If I could, I would have chosen to be there with you ever since your first breath until my last. That was never a choice I was given, but I cannot afford to lose this opportunity now. So here I am choosing to love you today, tomorrow and every single day till the end of my days.



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