Happy faces of people who believe that the world would be a better place if we be more kind

This is why we all need to be more kind

We live in a world where everything is just too wide of the mark to be corrected in time, and therefore the least we could do is try to be more kind.

We can never know what someone is going through, and how our words and gestures can have an effect on them. Everyone is struggling with something or the other, so let’s make an effort to be more kind and not make their life harder.

Globally, we are struggling to fight climate change. We are hustling everyday to find better ways of, waste management, sustainable development, and amongst other things,somehow sleeping peacefully alongside a snoring partner.

As different nations, we compete with each other by participating in the race of becoming a super power. We invest our time and money in nuclear weapons, which although are necessary for defense and keeping unwanted intruders at bay, but during difficult times do we just have to prove our nationalism by warmongering on social media?
Of course there are other issues such as sexual assault, unemployment, hunger,poverty, poor quality of life, educational rights, unequal distribution of wealth and slow internet; but the political systems have their priorities straight.

These are some of the battles we are all fighting; but on a deeper and more intimate level; we all are fighting our own battles. Whether it is financial, mental, physical, psychological or an emotional problem; we are all dealing with more than one of these.

All of these things combined together is too much for any one of us to handle. We all take this frustration out in some way or the other.

More often than not, we let it out on our significant others. We do this because we love them, we can be our real selves in front of them and open up completely.

They don’t judge us, no matter how much we bitch about our bosses, our work or anything else for that matter, even if we are being inappropriate. They just let us be for the time being , because they understand where all of this is coming from.

They might let it go when we sometimes shout and argue over frugal matters, or behave unreasonably, because they mostly know our side of the story and can understand our situation.

It is a completely normal process, we all need to talk about things, maybe even shout and scream or behave unreasonably every once in a while.

Having said that, it is also important that we be more kind and compassionate towards our significant others. Just like us, they also need to vent out their fears, worries and insecurities.

Therefore, it is essential that we take turns in being the understanding one in the relationship. This may help in keeping the relationship healthy.

Other than our significant others, we also tend to let our frustrations out on the people we don’t even know. On people who we believe are in some sense less powerful than us at the moment.

From the food delivery guy who couldn’t get the directions at once, to the airport manager who was not even solely responsible for our flight being late; we have all, at some point, behaved unreasonably with them.

When we are paying for a service, we are certainly entitled to a service worth our money.

As consumers we also have the right to complaint if something goes wrong, but do we just have to do it this way?

Can we all not be just a little more kind to each other?

  • Why do we not understand that the customer care executive we are screaming at over the phone is not the one responsible for the glitch in our service? The person on the phone is just there to communicate our problems to the service provider. This individual is working night shifts and doing the job rather perfectly well, while we are loosing our minds over the TV that is not working.
  • The food delivery guy who could not follow the directions over the phone, might be new to the city and struggling with a number of things. He is just trying to do his job, and the least we could do is try and cut him some slack.
  • The airport manager was not even informed that the flight could be late , how do we expect his customer service staff to give us an answer when they don’t have one.
  • Sometimes, what someone else is going through is far beyond our imagination. Your house help might be facing domestic violence while you were getting annoyed because she didn’t show up for a few days.

The examples are endless, but the conclusion is the same.

  • It is easy to get annoyed or frustrated because of a delay in service, or when the service is not up to the mark; but it is difficult to be kind and gentle with your complaint.
  • It is easy to loose our cool over a person who is trying to do his/her job, but it is difficult to understand that they are not solely responsible.
  • It is easy to disrespect but difficult to apologize.

So, let us make an effort, to understand what is their side of the story and try to be more kind.

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