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What home feels like to me

What home feels like, because it is so much more than just brick walls taking up space. In fact, it isn’t necessarily a space, or a building;  it can even be a person that makes you feel that way.

What home feels like is your own safe space.

A place for you to be your real, raw, vulnerable self, without any fear. This is your place filled with comfort, warmth and love, where you can confide in happily and sleep soundly. It does give you the sense of privacy and security that you need but it always becomes so much more than that.

Home feels like that protective hand of a father over you, the warm hugs on a winter morning and that little pinch of cinnamon, I add to my coffee.

Home feels like another living, breathing member of the family.

It demands love, care and attention from time to time. You need to take care of it with love and affection, and it will give you what you need. It beckons to you every now and then, for a new look, a little leakage fix, and for the teeny-tiny moderation that it wants. 

It is very reflective in nature, it will give back only what it receives. If you stuff it with waste, and treat it carelessly;  you cannot expect it to radiate positive vibes. It has to be fed with love for it to be loving and welcoming.

Home is just like a part of you.

You don’t just exist in this space, you live in it. You paint it in your own colors and add elements to every corner of the place in accordance to your personality and taste. Consciously or unconsciously you keep adding your personality into the house, it changes and evolves with you, it catches your vibe and after all, home becomes a reflection of who you are.

Home feels like healing.

Like the bandage to a wound and medicine to an illness. The only place where even broken hearts and souls can be mended is at home. This is where you learn that things can break, but you can always create art with broken pieces.

This is where you unwind and open up your wounds, where you can cry your heart out, talk about the best and worst of experiences and walk out feeling calmer, composed and free.

Home feels like taking in all of your favorite scents together, overwhelming but beautiful.

Sometimes, on hurried Monday mornings, home can smell like a burnt toast devoured without complaints. It also smells of comfort food, rustic authentic wooden furniture, and sometimes even dirty diapers. With time, it takes up the smell of people living in the house,. Just like two old lovers who start smelling like each other, your home starts smelling of you. 

Home feels like love.

A place where you make love, you brew love, you grow love and you keep on creating more of it. A love devoid of insecurities, anxiety, and any other complexities; in which you feel secure and are proud to have. A love which makes you feel thankful every single day.

What home feels like is a lover, or maybe it’s the other way round; a lover starts to feel like home.

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