21 ways to show your man that you love him

Following is a list of 21 ways to show your man that you love him.

You love your man so very much that no matter how many times you say it out loud in a lifetime, it will never be enough. That is why you need more than just one way to express the overflowing love that you have for him.

There are so many things you could say out loud to your man expressing your love, and those may be the most sweetest things to say, but sometimes love demands more from you. Love demands expression in all forms possible, and commitment to keep doing those little things every now and then for your partner. Love demands more than just verbal and sexual ways of communication even though they are very enticing.

All of the little ways mentioned below are sweet and would definitely show your man that you love him and he means a lot to you. Apart from all this, the important thing to remember is to do these little things without any expectations. You are just doing little things that if done for you, would make you feel loved and you know your partner would like.

So let’s get started :-
1. Give him a back massage

massaging to show your man that you love him GIF

Anybody would love a good massage to start the weekend after a hectic work week. Don’t wait for him to ask for it, just do it because you know he would like it.

2. Cook for him

cooking for him to express love

Surprise him by making his favorite dinner recipe every once in a while. Sharing food, making food , or even buying food is the ultimate form of love. Cheer him up on a bad day by making a comfort meal. Nothing else can ever beat that. If you aren’t much of a cook, you can follow some good food blogs for easy recipes.

Ps. –Swayampurna Mishra’s blog is one such blog you could look up to for some cooking inspiration.

3. Help him do a tedious job
help him get moved

Extremely annoying and mundane tasks like unpacking after a trip, sorting out the mail, organizing the desk or the closet , or even running errands.

4. Kiss and hug him hello and goodbye every single time

Blowing kisses to show your man that you love him

Well, it might not be possible if you don’t live together yet, but being there for him right before leaving or returning from something important, does make a difference. A quick hug could mean so much. It shows your man that you love him because you are there for him, supporting him on good days and bad.

5. Listen

listen to him that helps to show your man that you love him

Just listen to him even when he talks about even the most absurd things on planet mars. Maybe he is talking about something at work which for some reason is completely irrelevant to you, but when you really listen to him it shows that you care. It tells him that even the most unimportant of things are worthy of your attention because they are in some way affecting him. It goes on to show your man that you love him, no matter what.

6. Make sure he knows that you remember him

drink water reminder

Every time you grab a glass of water for yourself, get one for him too or maybe text him a stay hydrated reminder if he is away. It’s just small acts that matter the most.

7. Appreciate

gratitude gif

If he is ‘the man’, he is surely doing little things for you every single day out of love. Make sure you notice those little things he does everyday and appreciate his love, care and help. Let him know that you are grateful to have him in your life.

8. Pick up his favorite snack

snacks overflow for bunny

While shopping for groceries, make sure you pick up his favorite snack before he runs out of it. It shows your man that you don’t only know what he likes, but also remember when to refill. It clearly means that his needs are important to you and you like fulfilling them as and when you can.

9. Leave him little letters (or even emails) of encouragement

11 ways to show your man that you love him 02

Even if you live together, writing letters is the most beautiful and classic way of expressing love. Every once in a while, when you feel proud of him for doing something at work, in general, write him a letter of appreciation and encouragement. It would surely be a good addition to his day.

10. Include him in your big plans, and decisions

asking for advice from your man

Even if you are already sure of what to do and how to go about it, when you ask for his opinion and consider it seriously, it makes him feel important. Infact, it is also a good practice for your relationship. Even though you are capable of taking your own life decisions, your partner should be a part of it.

11. Remember things for him

No, I don’t mean you have to mother him and remind him of everything he needs to remember. Having a note of his schedule and future events that are important to him does not only help you in planning out activities for the both of you, but also is of great help to him. It is human tendency to forget things, and wouldn’t you be grateful if someone reminded of those things?

Have a note of the things that he needs to get done, like getting the car oil changed, buying his medications or even buying a present for his friends birthday. Remind him of these things if he forgets , or maybe go the extra mile and do it for him if you have a little spare time at hand.

12. Look at them from across a crowded room

looking at your person through the car mirror

This is the easiest and yet the most beautiful way of expressing love. At a party, in a crowded space , just looking at your man quietly from across the hall, in a very innocent and coy manner can be extremely affectionate. When your man finds out that you have been looking at him, he will certainly feel good about himself.

13. Head massages

head massage gif

Give him a head massage every time you feel like he is stressed out. It is one of the best ways to help him destress after a long day, and will also make him feel loved. This is one of the best remedies for a headache too.

14. Create a playlist especially for him

music playlist gif

Select his all time favorite songs, to create a playlist that you know he is going to love. Add it to either the audio system in his car, or play it on a speaker everyday while he takes a shower. Do not tell him about it beforehand, let this be a cute little surprise for him. Also, it would be a good idea to keep updating the playlist and surprise him every now and then.

15. Take special care of him when he is unwell

cuddle gif

This one goes without saying, you are going to take care of him in times of need. While you do that, remember to give his those extra cuddles. He doesn’t just need his medicines, and blankets, he also needs you around him for comfort and warmth. Those would really mean the world to him.

16. Show interest in his hobby

chicken playing golf and supporting chicken

Even if you knew nothing about it at first, and maybe you detest it even now. The fact is that your man has a lot of interest in this sport, or activity. Encourage him to take time out for his hobby because it makes him happy. Try to share his excitement, and get him a tool or something for this thing. He will certainly appreciate this gesture because it goes on to show your man that you love him.

17. Let him have some guy time
guys night

Of course there are things that he enjoys doing with you, but there are other things that he has always enjoyed with his buddies. Let him have a late night or two with the boys, or even a weekend. This one is a bonus for you too, you can use that time to do something you enjoy doing alone or with your gang. You both need your separate time just as much as you need to be together. So, let him have that time while you enjoy yours.

18. Send him a sweet treat

Well, your man might not have a sweet tooth, but he wouldn’t mind a little sweet snack delivered to his office. There will always be days where you fight over petty issues and don’t have the time to make up. Send in a little something to make up for it, your bae would be cheered up.

photo of teddy bears sitting on wood

19. Give him the remote

There are so many decisions that you would have to make as a couple, and you are going to argue about each one of those. One of the choices that you would have to make almost everyday is, what to watch. Once in a while, just give the remote to him, and let him solely decide what to watch, and watch it with him. You can also let him decide what to eat, because it is about letting him making the decision than the decision itself. Do this without any arguments or intrusions whatsoever. It is something really small, but letting him control something is another quirky way to show your man that you love him.

20. Text him while you are at work
texting animation to show you man that you love him

Every time something reminds you of him, send him a sweet text. Don’t just restrict your texting to the mundane everyday tasks or things, spice it up a notch just like new found lovers. Don’t do that all day, but every once in a while, let him know that you are thinking of him and that you love him.

21. Make some good cinnamon flavored coffee
making coffee for him to show your man that you love him

Cinnamon is surely the smell of love because you just need a little bit to make the place smelling heavenly. A good hot drink at a time when he really needs it, is very comforting. Let him wake up to it on a lazy winter morning or give it to him while he is working late at night. You just need to put in a little effort and this will surely make him feel loved.

The list mentioned above will surely show your man that you love him. Although, your man might be just as unique in his liking, so make sure to personalize these recommendations according to your partners personal preferences, because nobody knows him better than you do.

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